About Cantabile Choir

Cantabile Choir was founded in 2012 by Maria LeĊ›niak. At its beginnings, the choir was largely made up of members from the old Agnus Dei Choir and under this name performed in the first three “God is Born” concerts. The Oakville-based Cantabile Choir aims to offer a professional singing experience with a varied repertoire, while coming from and celebrating Polish culture. The choir participates in a number of diverse concerts throughout the year. In 2014 Cantabile Choir joined the St. Anthony of Padua Parish as a church choir singing on major occasions. The choir's most recent major project was the premiere of the Lenten Oratorio in April 2018. Cantabile Choir is currently preparing for a concert for the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence in November as well as for the Christmas Oratorio "Emmanuel" in January.

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